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15 May 2014 @ 09:59 pm
Oh hello there my journal :)  

Uwaaah its been a while since I posted something here~ hisashiburi <3

Even though I don't think minna can still remember me, I missed LJ a lot and I missed those days when I pull an all nighter just to finish a fic :(

And again, this will be just another random bubbling of why am I gone too long that its as if the darkness already devored my rotten fujoshi soul orz

I actually got my computer and new phone last month so I AM COMPLETELY AWARE THAT I HAVE NO GOOD EXCUSE NOT TO UPDATE MY FIC demo things are just getting though for my mortal body orz

1. I got summer classes as part of the curriculum.
2. Too busy or don't have much time typing and stuffs...
3. The baka author forgot her own storyline asdfghjkl; am I still normal >_<

And so these are the reasons why :( not to mention that I'm managing two tumblr blogs, I admin a yaoi facebook group, play with my otome games, download stuffs plus college shits.

Yes Im too busy :(

But the nice thing is, the last time I checked this account weeks after my birthday, I saw a message from Gai nee - chan greeting me a happy birthday TuT I was so happy that my I wanted to reply and say thank you but the internet connection went crappy afterwards :( Gai nee - chan, its too late now but thank you very much~

As for the fic, "Angels, Demons, Cruel World", I'm starting to read the past chapters I wrote to eventually come up with a new chapter ^^ I don't know when but at least there's hope haha

And anyway, The need suddenly arise so I decided to make a twitter account :))) I tweet lots of random stuffs in the past few days after I joined the "bird community" lol xD

I'm much active in twitter for now so you can follow me @fujomizu and remind me that I STILL HAVE READERS WAITING lol xD

I hope minna is having a good day :D

bye bye~ <3

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