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13 June 2014 @ 02:41 pm
Demons, Angels, Cruel World – 5/?  
Title: Demons, Angels, Cruel World – 5/?
Author: daisuchii
Pairing: YamaChii, ChiiTaro
Rating: PG - 13
Genre: Supernatural, Romance, BL, Very slight angst
Summary: The world is divided into three bodies: The Great Heavens – where Ryutaro Morimoto belongs, The Land of Freedom or Earth – where Chinen Yuuri belongs and The Land of Eternal Despair or Hell – where Yamada Ryosuke reigns. These three bodies has been existing in peace for a very long time not until the Demon lord and the Heaven's greatest angel fell in love into single a human.
Warning: Girl Daiki and Inoo ^^ . Pure fictional so don't accuse me yet for blasphemy QuQ
Author's note: Inspired by the doujinshi “The Demon Lord Captain and The Flower Girl Eren”. Enjoy! V(OuO)V


Now is just another day for Ryutaro. He walked in the large aisles of Heaven with his almost stoic face. He dragged his feet while desperately finding for Keito but his efforts are futile. He ended up sitting in one of the verandas in the large castle. Ryutaro feels worthless even knowing the fact that he’s currently the Greatest Angel. Because of the contract signed that they and the demons must not interfere with humans, it became peaceful… so peaceful that he started questing himself why do they even exist.

He closed his eyes, wishing that the day will finish as soon as possible or Yuto will just give him some “Earthly mission” which he already assumed impossible because the latter knows beforehand that if he’ll allow him to go there, he will finish his mission quick and try to sneak out and see Chinen.

After another hour of fretting and complaining inside his head, he heard soft footsteps coming towards him. He opened his eyes and saw Keito – his best friend who suddenly disappeared early in the morning. At some point, he envied his feline like best friend because he’s always busy with stuffs as a messenger unlike him who always lazes around because he literally doesn’t have anything to do.

Keito smiled at him, his smile that always makes him think that he knows a lot of things those higher guardians know and he’s the privileged one since he knows it as their messenger. He rolled his eyes wanting to shoo the person he was actually searching at early in the morning but at the same time ask him what it is this time that makes him so busy early in the morning.

“Luck is on your side, Ryuu – chan.” Keito started making the latter raise his eyebrow. He moved a little to the side, gesturing Keito to sit beside him.

“What do you mean you, Cat Man?” He asked sarcastically. He just sound like he doesn’t give a damn at all but the thing is he actually wants to know.

“Did you just call me ‘Cat Man’?” Keito asked. His voice firmer and unfriendly than usual.

“It’s a joke okay… So what is it now? I literally searched the whole kingdom for you.”

“Wow that’s so sweet.”

“Just answer my question damn it.” Ryutaro sneered.

“For an angel, you have a thug manner of speaking which is ironic.” Keito giggled making the latter pout. “Or you’re just being tsundere again.”

“Shut up okay…” He turned his head facing the beautiful scenery of the kingdom by the veranda.

“Okay the reason why I’m gone is that...” Ryutaro turned his head quickly making the other jolt and giggle again. “The higher Generals and Guardians will be having their investigation today; of course the head of the investigation is Yuto – dono himself.”

“About what?” Ryutaro frowned

“Oh don’t be so dumb… I already gave a clue.” Keito’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Don’t tell me…”

“Yes… They are starting to investigate Ryosuke and Chinen… right. now.” Keito continued while giving emphasis to the last two words.

“What… what will happen to Chinen now?” Ryutaro asked. His heart began to beat faster. He’s happy knowing that Ryosuke will soon be punished or even persecuted by the Generals but what will happen to Chinen? Will they persecute him as well? Will he also carry the sins Ryosuke omitted and be punished? Or will he have the same fate like his foster mother Daiki, who after death, was taken to Heaven by Yuto and was preserved in the deepest dungeon of the kingdom, sleeping like forever with her beautiful face that will never go old? Ryutaro shake his thoughts aside and took a deep breath to calm himself.

“Do you have any idea what will happen to Chinen afterwards?” He asked. Keito, being sensitive enough, sensed the worries of his friend. He placed his warm hands over Ryutaro’s head.

“I don’t know… sorry.” He tried to be considerate enough but he knows his answer didn’t help at all. In fact, it makes Ryutaro more worried.

“Ryutaro, you know we are not in the position to neither oppose nor stop them. You know Ryosuke abided the rules and Yuto – dono is just considerate enough to let him do as he pleased till now. It’s just an investigation. Please set your thoughts aside from now and stop being pessimistic. Relax okay…” Keito smiled and slowly stood up from the floor. Ryutaro just heaved another heavy sigh.

“And another thing, I didn’t tell you this to worry you, idiot…” Keito said while walking away. “I think it would be best if you consider this a good sign, deshou?” He added. And again, Ryutaro thought that Keito knows more that what they talked about earlier.

Chinen beamed happily as he walk down the woods carrying his basket full of foods as usual. Like what Inoo had advised, he took a good rest all night and now it seems like he haven’t experienced any dreadful headaches and boiling fever the other day. On his way up the hill, he picked the white daisy, beautifully dancing with the blow of the wind on the side of the road. A smile full of happiness creped on his face and his heart started to beat faster because of joy. He then continued his walk excitedly, much faster than a while ago.

“Ohayo Ryosuke – dono!” Chinen greeted happily. Ryosuke gave him a warm smile and a light pat on the sat as they both sat down under the giant tree.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better.” Ryosuke started while Chinen unpacked the foods he brought from the basket.

“Uhm. It’s all because of Inoo – dono and Ryosuke – dono. I am really grateful.” Chinen smiled.

“Ahaha. Chii can you just call me Ryosuke without the honorific. It makes me feel like there is a big distance between us.” Ryosuke said making Chinen blush.

“Hai… Ryo – Ryosuke.” Chinen stuttered while blushing wildly. Ryosuke laughed at what he just saw.

“Kawaii~” They both goggled together.

Just like any other day, time pass by quickly without their notice. The two just wished their moments together will be extended like… forever. Chinen stood up with a small pout curved on his thin lips.

“Ah~” He stretched his arms upward.

“So…” The two went silent for a while making it a little bit awkward.

“Uhm.. Ryo… Ryosuke – do.. I mean Ryosuke.” Chinen started.


“Uhm… For the yesterday’s sunflower… I… I would like to give you a reply…” Chinen blushed while trying not to look on Ryosuke’s face or else he’ll just blush wilder. Ryosuke on the other hand tried not to make it so obvious that his heart is beating so fast like a galloping horse.

“Here…” Chinen pulled the white daisy from the basket and started to run. “Jaa~” Chinen added. The king is so shocked that it took him another minute to digest everything that happened.

“White daisy…”

I devote myself to you.

Even though Ryosuke is so happy that he wants to trap the little flower boy in a tight hug, he already ran far far enough out of embarrassment. He smiles contently while placing the beautiful white flower inside his cloak.

Without their knowing,the two are so happy and in love while dark clouds are starting to loom over their newly sprouted relationship.


Hiya! Another update from Mizu :D

It seems like the baka author is updating much faster now unlike before because a new school year just started which means more time for using the library’s internet connection for manga reading, tumblr, downloading and LJ yehey~~~

Yes! I’m officially a second year college student and I just hope that this sem will just be oh so kind to me that I wouldn’t even tear out of frustration or break down because of stress lol :V

Mah mah mah so what will happen to YamaChii now fufufu~

It’s just chapter 5 but it seems like a lot of things are happening between the two >< I think I can finish this fic in 10 chapters? Lol I don’t know asdfghhjkl;

Actually, I have another fic hanging inside my head which is actually a RomCom YamaChii fic lol :D But I don’t know if I’ll post it after this or not… my mind is still battling ahaha . And I am not sure if I can handle comedy… Is it really comedy? I don’t know >___< AND I AM PRETTY SURE ANGST IS YET TO BE ANOTHER ENDING *insert heavy piano song*

As always, Thanks for reading and comments are motivation~
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cielchiiciel_chiishoryo on June 13th, 2014 08:12 am (UTC)
my ssssssssshpot !
tho I still haven' read the chapter 4??
going to read this later and I wish yhe next chapyer will be much looooooooonger
hahaha !

*hugs u *
cielchiiciel_chiishoryo on June 13th, 2014 03:44 pm (UTC)
parang kulang ata pag 10 chapters lang 'to
hehehehe XDD
aww . what will happen to YamaChii, sana nman kahit papano happy ending ito :3
kahit na angst on the way yung story hehehe

looking forward for the neeeeeeext~ chappie.
I hope d matagalan but then... I understand hihi XDD

love those flower scenes... my meaning ♥♥♥
sila na ba ? o indi pa ? ang tagal nman maging sila LOL XD
daisuchiidaisuchii on June 18th, 2014 08:53 am (UTC)
Ahaha eh kasiiiiim xD Para suspense lol :V

Ang cute nga po ng flower scenes diba? xD Nagpapasalamat talaga akong nabasa ko ung RiRen daoujin sa tumblr >w