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14 July 2014 @ 04:51 pm
[sticky post] ON HIATUS AGAIN  
Oh hello there :D Tis will just be another random post of why I am going to be on hiatus again :D

It must be really really obvious by now that I haven't wrote anything the last chapter of Demons, Angels, Cruel World.
So I, the ever so lazy author, will state my reasons. Please bear withit for a while m(_ _)m

So another semester just started and as I took another step in college things are getting more complicated, particularly my schedule >_< Yep, I have no free time every night because I have to spend it self - studying my BioCem book because my professor is so crappy. And I also have to do some housechores because my parents are already way way gone and I am now living alone with my sister. It may sound lucky but it literally consumed almost everything in my time orz.

And my CPU is broken again TuT which makes it more difficult to type fictions. Actually another thing that consumed my time a lot is that I started to play DRAMAtical Murder last two (or three) weeks. I was so captivated that whenever I have free time, even just an hour, I'll turn on my computer and play. Yep too much BL games~ Blame it to the BL games~

After a week of playing, spending midnights fangirling over Aoba and Koujaku, and gaining bigger and darjer eyebugs, my CPU beep three times like a damn bomb ready to explode right in front of my face :D

And there I have it. No computer again. Asdfghjkl;

Too be honest, I don't know how I'll write the next chapter of Demons, Angels, Cruel World. I mean how am I suppose to ruin the YamaChii love that I myself created. Its too hard for me... Too heart - breaking... And too painful TuT

This must be enough I guess? :D So to conclude this post, I WILL NOT UPDATE FICTIONS FOR A WHILE. Its also hard for me but what can I do? I live in a world where education is important. And I am unknowingly doing my responsibilities as a good student lol :D

Filipino LJ users: I'll be attending Gaming Quest on Saturday, July 19, 2014 :3 Care to join me? Lets bump to each other and say "Hi!"
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