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21 May 2014 @ 01:56 am
Demons, Angels, Cruel World – 4/?  
Title: Demons, Angels, Cruel World – 4/?
Author: daisuchii
Pairing: YamaChii, ChiiTaro
Rating: PG - 13
Genre: Supernatural, Romance, BL, Very slight angst
Summary: The world is divided into three bodies: The Great Heavens – where Ryutaro Morimoto belongs, The Land of Freedom or Earth – where Chinen Yuuri belongs and The Land of Eternal Despair or Hell – where Yamada Ryosuke reigns. These three bodies has been existing in peace for a very long time not until the Demon lord and the Heaven's greatest angel fell in love into single a human.
Warning: Girl Daiki and Inoo ^^ . Pure fictional so don't accuse me yet for blasphemy QuQ
Author's note: Inspired by the doujinshi “The Demon Lord Captain and The Flower Girl Eren”. Enjoy! V(OuO)V

Ryosuke and Inoo entered Chinen's cottage silently, trying their best not to bother the chibi. They both smile when they saw the sleeping figure on the bed with his pet wolf from Ryosuke on the side, as if guarding his owner from any intruders. They both approached Chinen. Ryosuke placed his palm over Chinen's forehead making the younger awake.
"Ah gomen..." Ryosuke apologized, almost whispering.
"Iiyo..." Chinen blinked and locked Ryosuke's hand with his. He sat on his bed when he saw the beautiful woman standing near his him with the warmest smile like his mother. Somehow, seeing her makes him remember things, though most of them are vague. When Ryosuke noticed Chinen's deep stare to Inoo, he held the queen on the shoulders and lightly pushed her forward.
"She's Inoo Kei, the queen of hell and she happens to be knowledgeable in potions and medicines so I brought her with me to help you." Ryosuke introduced. Inoo extended her hands to Chinen for a hand shake.
"Nice meeting you." She smiled. Chinen smiled back while shaking hands with Inoo.
"Arigatou." Chinen said.
"Would you like to volunteer to cook some porridge for him?" Inoo asked sarcastically to Ryosuke. The latter just rolled his eyes at her and walked to the kitchen to start cooking.
"It seems like you pushed yourself too much." Inoo started while pouring some potions she brought with her into a glass.
"Ah~ Things were rough last week because the downtown has this festival and almost everyone wants to buy the flowers I sell. I have to go up and down the hill just to give my loyal customers the freshest flowers." Chinen said. Inoo nod her head with a proud smile.
"It’s not bad to work hard Chii - chan but please you should take care of your health. An old man here nearly suffered from his own delusions." Inoo joked while looking to Ryosuke who just rolled his eyes once more. Chinen giggled cutely.
After a while, the porridge was ready and it didn't take Chinen a long time to finish a bowl.
"Here." Inoo handed Chinen a glass of potions which Chinen drank without any hesitation.
"You'll feel better." Ryosuke smiled. Inoo stare at the two happily but she cannot help but to think of the things she thought she already forgot.

"Do you really have to go?" Inoo asked. Anxiety can be clearly seen on her beautiful face.
"Yes." Daiki nodded her head as if it is the firmest answer she'll ever give.
"But why? Come on you and Ryosuke are deeply in love with each other right?" Inoo pleaded.
"But I cannot wait anymore... Kami - sama knows how much I suffered after Yabu put him into sleep. Yes, I loved him but I cannot wait forever. I don't want to be an immortal because of your potions anymore. I want to live normally... without Ryosuke. It’s time for me to accept that we are not really meant for each other."

“Oi…OI…” It took minutes for Inoo to realize that she’s completely occupied by her thoughts. She pressed her lips firmly, making it pale, took a deep breath and face the two with a smile.
“What is it again?” She asked Ryosuke.
“Seriously… How can you even space out in broad daylight?” The latter asked in sarcasm. Inoo just rolled her eyes and sat on Chinen’s bed.
“How are you feeling?” She patted Chinen’s hand.
“I feel better” Chinen beamed. Inoo just smiled and promised to herself that she’ll just keep her mouth shut till the day comes where she needs to reveal everything.
She knows everything and she’s completely aware that she has the power to change everything. To manipulate people. To revolt against Heaven. But then she watched silently like a little bird in a nest. She just wish that everything will be fine as long as the king of hell is alive and that he’ll never submit himself to the ruler of Heaven back then – Yabu Kota.
The beautiful queen then let things happen even though it hurts her so much. She allowed Daiki to leave for the sake of their friendship. She refused to take Yabu Kota’s proposal to marry him in exchange of Ryosuke’s freedom because she simply despises Yabu. She let Daiki die because she’s desperately pleading that she wants to live and die normally.
She doesn’t want to regret her decisions but it seems like fate won’t allow her to. She carried all these burdens by herself and yet she still swore that no matter what happens she’ll protect Daiki’s adopted son like what she have promised.
“I think we have to go now.” Inoo smiled looking at Ryosuke making the king pout in disappointment.
“Time sure flies when I’m with Chii~” Ryosuke pouted like a child making Chinen blush wildly.
“Okay. Okay. You just can’t like that when we’re back in Hell you’ll get laughed about. And please think about the responsibilities you left.” Inoo nagged.
“Hai Hai” Ryosuke’s eyebrows furrowed.
“Well then Chii, I hope to see you tomorrow.” Ryosuke smiled. Chinen smiled and nodded his head.
“Get a good rest and sleep; you’ll be fine by tomorrow.” Inoo reminded before disappearing, leaving black rose petals where she last stood up. The black petals disappeared soon after the wind blew them.
“Wow, it’s beautiful…” Chinen complimented.
“Ahaha you think so too?” Ryosuke giggled patting Chinen’s head. “I have to go now…” Ryosuke leaned forward to plant a soft kiss on Chinen’s forehead. Chinen just covered his face afterward while trying his best to hide his tomato red colored face.
“Oh by the way…” Ryosuke flicked his fingers and the sunflower he picked last morning appeared in front of their sights.
“Take this.” He smiled before disappearing.
Chinen sat on his bed for minutes before realizing what just happened. His eyes widened and his cheeks became so red like he has a fever.
“In the language of flowers…. Sunflower means….” Chinen’s breathing went hard.

”Please always stay at my side.”


Yahooooooo :D It’s been a while since I wrote something that’s while it feels different (?). I don’t know lol *whacks my head* And I don’t know why but did I just forgot how to write fics?! Waaaaah nooooo~ It feels like I made too many grammatical errors up there TTuTT I’m so sorry~~~

I hope ciel_chiishoryo would notice this xD Sempai notice me~ This is for you actually~ xD

AAAAAAAAHHHHH livejournal feels new~ Even the format is new~ >w< I’m getting mind blown how to use this lol
Does anyone still remember this story lol xD I’m sorry for being inactive… and to tell you the truth, I’m having so much fun when I was not using LJ, no I mean its not that I don’t want to post here whatsoever lol it’s just that great things happened while I’m out of here (like Ozine and NOIZ’s concert) and I haven’t posted my thoughts about those events here like what I usually do :/ sucks right orz

AND I have twitter now lol -> @fujomizu
I talk a lot of random stuffs on twitter but yeah, I want to follow every single FG but I don’t know where to start mou~~~

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petit_himepetit_hime on May 20th, 2014 07:03 pm (UTC)
OMG! How long have you been inactive??
And so long I have even read a fic because the ones I was reading haven't had been updated... Glad you posted a new chap!! >3<
Now I gonna read it ~♥
daisuchiidaisuchii on May 23rd, 2014 05:49 am (UTC)
Ahaha I don't know xD months I guess xD since my summer classed arr over,