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20 March 2015 @ 12:17 pm
I'm back (?) + Another random post about what's really happening  
I still don't know whether if I shall do this or not since it took me less than a year to update lol
I don't even know if minna remembers me but yeah I'll do this anyway.


I'm back from the pits of hell

It must be really obvious by now that I am completely inactive and I think I've posted it once that it's because of my schooling.
I'm so torn lol and my course is so time greedy I don't even have time to sleep.
So I decided to cut down my social activity. (I'm active in fb tho) Let's just say I decided not to write fictions for a while.

This post is not to confirm that I'll really go back writing the next chapters of "Angels, Demons, Cruel World" :(
but to you guys that I'm alive and okay lol.

I might be posting one shots. lol Who knows if the good god of Academe will give me a piece of FREE TIME

And he says maybe someday... someday... someday...
Current Mood: tiredtired